Retail Document Management from Image ExpressImage Express serves retailers throughout Minnesota and Iowa by providing document imaging solutions that help streamline invoice processing, new employee on-boarding and other HR processes, customer service, lease management and dealing with cash register tapes (see client spotlight below). Our retail solutions include document scanning and conversion, document management and workflow automation.

Client Spotlight

A Minnesota retailer with over 12,000 stores across the U.S. needed help streamlining the management of their signed cash register receipts. Stores send 15,000 packages per month with over 1,000 receipts per package to headquarters for auditing by their treasury department, who is responsible for fraud prevention and dispute resolution.

The Image Express solution for this retailer consists of pre-shipping barcodes and special envelopes to each store location. The stores send them to a PO box that comes to our secure scanning facility. We check them in, prep each batch of receipts, scan them with special rollers to deal with the kerosene content of NCR paper, perform OCR-optical character recognition to automatically extract the transaction number, index them, and upload them into the retailer's system in a tightly integrated process. The barcodes allow us to always know exactly where each receipt is in the process and who has possession.

Initially, all receipts were scanned and uploaded. However, we realized that only 5-10% actually need to be viewed at any given time. As long as the clients knows where every receipt is, we only need to scan the receipts that need to be manually reviewed. Now, people can make requests via a website (by name, date, etc.), which automatically generates a scan-on-demand request if the image isn't already in the system. As a result, Image Express has streamlined the receipt management process and minimized the cost and labor involved.

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