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Imation InfiniVault Top 10 Benefits

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Imation InfiniVault Image Storage SeriesImation InfiniVault RDX removable disk storage is the most cost-effective system for the long-term retention of data and images. Here's are the Top 10 reasons why:

  • Lowest Cost of Any Storage: tape costs up to 2x more, optical costs up to 4x more, and fixed disk costs up to 40x more
  • Reduced Backup Costs by 50%: shorter backup windows, faster time to recovery, lower cost of protecting data, and fewer resources to manage backups are consumed
  • Lower Power & Cooling Costs up to 75%: data on spinning disks is a major power user, and within a ProStor InfiniVault the RDX disks spin-down when not being accessed
  • Fewer IT Resources Needed: less people & equipment are needed because you don't need to manage multiple tiers; no data to disk, tape or VTL anymore
  • Infinite Online Capacity: RDX removable disks are virtualized, allowing incremental expansion at the best price in the market
  • Automated Disaster Protection: the system automatically makes up to 4 copies of data on RDX removable disks and/or replicate to another ProStor InfiniVault
  • Backward/Forward Compatibility: unlike tape or optical storage solutions, you will never need to swap-out a drive to read the data from an RDX disk
  • Faster eDiscovery Response: saves time and money in responding and helps avoid potential penalties
  • Ease of Use: as simple as NAS storage, installation can be done in 30 minutes or less; once online, the information management software implements your policies automatically
  • Less File Space Needed: data is compressed at 2:1 (on average when possible), and a digital fingerprint is used to identify duplicate files and only store one instance

Download the InfiniVault data sheet.

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