Document Management Integration

The Value Equation in Systems Integration

An irate call comes into the office. A long-time supplier undergoing a routine audit is disputing receipt of a large payment from two years ago. A clerk spends hours combing through file cabinets only to discover the older document has already been shipped offsite for storage. Days pass, and when the box is finally returned the document can't be found because of a simple keystroke error made during initial data entry. And while the AP manager works to repair a damaged vendor relationship, their only thought is: "When will this happen again?"

Sound like a scenario from the 1950s? It's not. Similar document management nightmares play out every day in businesses across the country. But it doesn't have to be that way. In most cases, the technology is already there. What's missing is the proper systems integration for business to realize the full value from their people and their technology investments.

You Have the Technology, Now Use it

When people work more closely together, efficiency and productivity soar. Put quite simply: they get more done, faster. The same is true with technology. Yet, companies too often equip their employees with the hardware, software and enterprise systems needed to succeed and then are content to let their systems run independently and their back-office processes to continue manually.

The answer is to apply systems integration that intelligently automates the most complicated, redundant business processes, saving time and effort on every single document a business handles—paper, electronic, forms, faxes, emails, etc. Multiply the total number of documents by savings that can range from a few cents to several dollars each and a minimal initial investment in systems integration can yield increased profits month after month, year after year.

What's in it for My Business?

Recall the situation above, but this time the clerk is able to retrieve the suspect invoice, along with supporting documentation, in a matter of seconds, resolving the dispute in a single call. That's what can happen when document management systems are integrated to automate document capture, management and workflow. Beyond all-important cost savings, customer service is improved. Existing resources are used more efficiently. Businesses become more environmentally responsible, and are better prepared to bounce-back from unforeseen events.

And let's face it; data entry should be an occasional task not a full-time profession. With a 5% error-rate for manual data entry, the waste produced through this process is simply unnecessary. Document management integration image-enables Microsoft Office applications, Accounting, ERP and CRM systems so information is instantly delivered, indexed and ready for retrieval. Manual data entry is cut down to size, along with the errors, delays and duplication of effort that go with it. Can you see the possibilities?

Final Thought: 80% of businesses fail to return to normal after a catastrophic event, then the biggest disaster is not preparing for one. Having a sustainably integrated document management system in place can not only help businesses survive, it can help them thrive by creating an unexpected competitive advantage.

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