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Relion operates a state of the art data center and imaging facility in it's Rochester, MN headquarters, providing scanning, data entry, data extraction, and a range of outsourced business processes.

Data Capture
Whether you have an ongoing need for Data Capture technology, or the need to capture data for one specific project, Relion can be there for you.  We not only design and implement Data Capture Solutions; we can provide the technology to you as a service.  Projects that start out as outsourced, can be later internalized and we can design a solution which best suits your need and budget.

Data Conversion
Increasingly, companies are not implementing their first Imaging or Workflow System, but rather upgrading an old technology that they have out-grown or that has become obsolete.  These projects can become mired in the migration of the old data to the new system.  Relion's Technical Engineer's have the expertise and experience to help you through the migration.

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